Our menu in the restaurant, 2nd floor.

4-course meal

Baked king crab
Grave salmon tartar
Fallow dear
Baked chocolate mousse

Wine package/Beer package

Wine 4-courses
Beer 4-courses

Our menu in the café, 1st floor

Plaice-filet Sandwich w/remoulade & lemon99,-
Shrimp Sandwich w/egg, lemon & mayonaise148,-
Meat-Sandwich w/onion, peas-pure` & potato-salad118,-
Balmy Liver pate` w/beets, bacon, mushrooms, bread99,-
Plate w/herring of the house (11am – 4pm kr. 198,-)248,-
Klappkak w/ smoked salmon and “knights cheese”108,-
Klappkak w/ blue Cheese (A great local cheese)108,-
Klappkak w/cheese85,-
Klappkak w/brown Cheese85,-

Lunch/ Dinner
Fishsoup tomato based w/salmon, Pollock etcGF158,-/ 198,-
Pork ribs w/potatoes, red cabbages, prunes & sauce368,-
Lamb ribs w/root mash, potatoes & sausage368,-
Reindeer-stew caserole w/onion, mushroom. etcGF178,-/ 275,-
Rakfisk w/ lompe, flatbread, sour cream, butter & onion128,-
Soup of the day/ vegetarian option148,-/ 178,-

3-course options:
Choose between: Pork ribs/ Lamb ribs
Rice cream500,-


Rice cream70,-
Icedream-cake w/DaimGF85,-
Hot apple-cake w/ icecream or whipped cream85,-/78,-
Hot Chocolate w/icecream or whipped cream62,-/58,-

LF = laktosefree   GF = glutenfree.
PS…….Please notify us if you want gluten-free bread on the side.

Please go to the bar to order and pay all food and drinks

Booking the Café

- 1st floor

Do you want to enjoy a delicious meal or something good to drink at our café on the 1st floor?

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Booking Bistro

- 2nd floor

On the 2nd floor you will find our newly renovated bistro restaurant. Only open when booked.

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