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Welcome to
Baklandet Skydsstation

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 11am - 01am
Saturday & Sunday: 12 am - 01 am

The Bistro on the 2nd floor is open when booked.

Booking the Café

- 1st floor

Do you want to enjoy a delicious meal or something good to drink at our café on the 1st floor?

Book a table in the Café

Taste of the menu at the Café

w/gouda cheese
w/brown cheese
w/smoked salmon and ridder cheese
w/local blue cheese

Breaded plaice on rye bread w/remulade and capers
Liver paté w/rye bread. pickled redbeets, tomato and butter
Hamburger sandwich on rye bread w/ potato salad and pea puré
Shrimp sandwich w/boiled egg and mayonnaise

2 pieces of breaded plaice on rye bread served with mayonnaise, shrimps and asparges

Herring plate
w/potato salad, boiled egg, rye bread and butter

Fish soup
w/bread and butter

w/flatbread and butter

Reindeer stew
w/baked potatoes, flatbread and lingon berries


3 course

Fish soup
w/bread and butter

w/flatbread and butter


Reindeer stew
w/baked potatoes, flatbread and lingon berries

Coffe & cheese cake


Vanilla ice-cream w/berries
Cheese cake
Apple cake w/cream
Daim ice-cake
Carrot cake
Hot cocoa w/cream

Booking Bistro

- 2nd floor

On the 2nd floor you will find our newly renovated bistro restaurant. Only open when booked.

Book a table at the Bistro

Taste of the menu at the Bistro

3- and 5-dishes according to season, with wine.

See the whole menu here

About us

Situated in unique premises, Baklandet Skydsstation is an idyllic and peaceful café where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks in a traditional setting. Cheerful and friendly Gurli, the cafe's owner, will serve you home cooked food. We are based in the stunning Bakklandet, near Gamle Bybro and the world's only bike lift. Here you can enjoy a cup of home made cocoa while looking out over Nidarosdomen. On New Year's Eve of 2012, Skydsstationen was named Best Cafe of the Year by National Geographic, and is mentioned in Andrew Evan's worldwide travel blog. We are also mentioned in Lonely Planet.

«It's a hyperfriendly place where you can tuck into tasty dishes, such as its renowned fish soup (the best in all Norway, a couple of diners assured us), while always leaving a cranny for a gooey homemade cake.»



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Norwegian Aquavit

Relax and enjoy the atmosphere of this homely and mobile-free environment. That's what the peasants of the 1800's used to do, when visiting the town's local market. At that time there was a 'toll station' at Gamle Bybro, so they put their horses to rest at Skydsstationen and saved the toll fee, which they often spent on food and a shot of aquavit.

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